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By Macworld Australia on October 26, 90 When Apple released the , it was only a matter of time before the Retina display made its way to other Apple laptops. By Bit. By artiss. By theregister. By Macworld Australia on June 21, 70 The traditional MacBook Pros hold fast to their unibody form factor and design, upgradability and price and target the mid-market of non-creative professionals that seeks to balance features with affordability.

By hubofgadgets. By saggiamente. Load More Reviews…. It's not bad, in fact it's quite amazing, but it confuses the general order of things.

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The MacBook Air doesn't help in the clarity department. Users who were once forced into Pro territory because of RAM and storage requirements can now happily live with an Air. And thanks to Turbo Boost, you do get similar performance in lightly threaded workloads. Take a step away from the Mac world and you'll see the rest of the market is going through its own confusing period. Nearly every single Microsoft partner is mixing tablets and Ultrabooks.

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If your tablet uses smartphone hardware, and can dock into a notebook or Thunderbolt itself into a desktop, is all of this a lot of confusion before client computing moves entirely to smartphones? Maybe it wasn't just convenient rhetoric. Maybe that's where we're headed. Until then, there are going to be a lot of different form factors, all with very compelling features.

The MacBook Air continues to be one of them. Ultraportables prior to the MacBook Air's arrival in typically sacrificed in one or more of the above areas.

MacBook Air 2012 release date, price & specs announced

I spent years in pursuit of the perfect ultraportable in college over a decade ago 30 is the new 20 right? That ever so popular wedge. In Apple changed the expectations of cost with the MacBook Air. Apple took an ultraportable and made it its mainstream notebook. It was a bold move but one that was very forward looking.

Today the MacBook Air is even more affordable. From the outside not a lot has changed, but that doesn't mean there's any less to talk about. Ivy Bridge, USB 3. Unlike the other thin member of Apple's Mac lineup, the MacBook Air chassis hasn't changed over the past three years. Since the update that gave us the inch model and significantly lower prices, Apple has stuck with a design that only recently has seen widespread emulation.

While our last review focused on the beginning of a new generation , this review takes a look at a very mature, yet still very good design.

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  • MacBook Air 2012 release date, price & specs announced.

The MacBook Air is just so pleasant to carry around. It'll make even the new rMBP feel like a pig.

MacBook Air 2012 Unboxing (13" MacBook Air Ivy Bridge Unboxing) (NEWEST MODEL)

Both the 11 and inch models are effortless to carry around. While I dread traveling with a traditional notebook, slipping one of these into my backpack is barely noticeable. You can get used to and take for granted just about anything, but the form factor of the MacBook Air continues to be a favorite of mine even today.

The inch MacBook Air is a great option for those who want the portability of a tablet but find themselves wanting to attach a keyboard to it most of the time. The You don't make any sacrifices on keyboard size or key spacing it's identical to the inch model for the majority of the keys , nor do you have to give up any performance either. And with no discrete GPU, thermal throttling isn't really a problem either in the inch chassis.

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With Thunderbolt, the inch MacBook Air can actually give you the best of both worlds: an incredibly portable computer when you're on the go, and enough to act as your desktop when docked to a Thunderbolt Display. The inch Air was relegated to typewriter duty when I needed a change of scenery while writing at home.

It's a great writer's companion, but if I couldn't have more than one system I'd have to opt for its bigger brother. When I first reviewed the redesigned inch MacBook Air I wrote that it felt more like a normal notebook , while the 11 was something a bit more unique.


Perhaps I was more infatuated with the new 11 at the time, because these days I'm more drawn to the inch MacBook Air as the notebook to have if you can only have one. You get a While x is a bit much on a inch MacBook Pro, I'd say it's near perfect on the inch Air.

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If Apple were to do the Retina treatment on here, it'd be magnificent.