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Congratulations, Dick. In DuBois spoke to The Linking Ring about the difficulties posed by putting on a weekly televised magic show. The show was still only 15 minutes with nine minutes allotted to magic. He said that the magic had to conform to rules set up by the sponsor, network and FCC and that furthermore he was not allowed to repeat any effect for at least one year.


All effects also had to be approved by the sponsor and director four weeks before airing. At this point, the show was being played throughout the East Coast and as far west as Chicago. The show had a new 30 minute format which introduced a weekly plot in addition to magic. Virginia Martin showed the show and DuBois sported a new costume.

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Reviews of the new format were positive and the show proved popular. He was replaced by Doug Anderson, who had filled in for him months before when DuBois was hospitalized. Doug was joined by his wife, model Gayle Anderson both seen to the left. Soon after the Andersons took over the starring roles, The Magic Clown became a daily show. In , the original Magic Clown show was cancelled for the final time there was a brief revival of the format in Canada in starring James Randi. With a run of just under a decade, The Magic Clown is one of the longest running magic shows in the history of United States television.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the majority of episodes were recorded for distribution, very few are known to exist today. Several clips and even some episodes can be found on Archive. David Blaine will return to his roots. A minute ABC magic special without an endurance stunt. Blaine took a deep dive through his iPhone contacts to get a real roster of celebrity cameos including Ricky Gervais, Stephen Hawking and in what will be a rare televised appearance anywhere former President George W.

Quote the exclusive announcement from The Hollywood Reporter ….

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Earlier today we wished Roy Horn a happy birthday and mentioned that he and partner Siegfried had been the inspiration for two animated series. They are not the only real world magicians to have animated alter-egos. We thought you might like to see a bit of it… so here is the opening sequence for the series.

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The show is tentatively titled Troy and will air in The pilot is also to be co-scripted by The Mentalist executive producer Daniel Cerone. The gang of magicians behind Breaking Magic aka The Science of Magic will return for a 14 episode second season. The series has been shooting throughout Europe over the past few months. Fans will notice one major change, James Galea of the first incarnation has been swapped out for Nate Staniforth in the new eps.

The press release came from Discovery Networks International and touted a premiere across countries in February Theme designed by Jake. Magic videos, podcasts and free magic. Recent Comments.

Insurance Posted by Michael on October 8th, For almost ten years kids all over the country tuned in to The Magic Clown. Posted by Editor on October 3rd, David Blaine: Already signed up? Log in now. Remember your password? Jimmy Kimmel Live - Clash of the Titus. Tom Mullica , smoking , magic , card trick. Cough, cough LOTS of smoke, but I sure don't see any mirrors!

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