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Hope this helps! Regards, Tahmid. I haven't designed PCB for this. I know u from edaboard. Does this circuit really work? My project has 1kVA output power. So ferrite transformer must be 1kVA. My question is that how should start to implement this circuit? Anonymous Dear Tahmid, I've found your tutorial very helpful, especially since the data sheet of the SG chip lacks the proper information, regarding the associated circuit design.

I think those guys owe you a lot of money so far, as your information serves their customers. Just one thing, IMHO, your voltage divider is slightly wrongly calculated. But apart from that, your work is excellent. Thanks for your efforts, just keep it up, I wish you all the best, mate, Alex, Krakow, Poland. Temporarly in London, UK.

That is where the usefulness of the SG lies. If you need higher duty cycle, you could use 2 diodes, the anodes of which are connected to pins 11 and 14, and the cathode of both are shorted.

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Then you take the output from this point - the cathode of the diodes. Make sure you use ultrafast recovery diodes for higher frequencies. VCC must lie within the range 8V to 35V. SG has an under-voltage lockout circuit that prevents operation when VCC is below 8V, thus preventing erroneous operation or malfunction. I hope that answers your question! Check the power connections to the SG Ensure that none of the outputs are shorted to ground or VCC. Ensure that VCC is within acceptable limits.

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Measure both the frequency and the voltage. Check the shape using an oscilloscope, if possible. Anonymous Hi Tahmid, great blog and thanks for sharing this valuable information!!!

Last night I tried this circuit and it seems to work fine, but the r10 for feedback was very hot. In This configuration should I Use a 1W resistors? It's not better to increase the value of the net resistance and limit the current flow while maintaining the same ratio of divider?

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Greetings from Italy Pier. Yes, 1. But you can use 3W resistors safely. You need to select a resistor with a power dissipation capacity higher than the actual max dissipation. Twice the actual dissipation is a good figure. And that's why I mentioned 3W.

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Yes, you can use larger resistance to lower the current and thus the power dissipation. If you get a 0. Remember that this is for R R11 won't get hot. Saves me a lot time. So, I don't think you saw my last post about a uc ic, looks like they call it a flyback converter what I was building , simple design but since my e-core transformers made anoying noise can't really explain it, nothing to do with lose windings with toroids there was no problem even at 48khz specialy with litle or no load, under 'heavy' load it was better, and after removing some secundary windings it was also better but the output voltage was dropping under higher load.

Except I put in a lm for feeding the and mosfets. Since the efficiency was crap with a first test I used the 1N for the bridge rectifier , maybe the output capacitor of uF V is to big, they were also getting hot.

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I swaped the diodes for Buy So now I got V 0. No load only about 1W for the voltage sensing feedback resistors the circuit draws about 2. I'm using 2 times 7 turns prim, and 70 turns sec. So my turn ratio is a bit on the high side, maybe I could remove 5 turns. The fets v 38A 0. Coil so I will experiment later with that. NOw, I want to higher my efficiency, since I'm losing almost 45W with an output of W, there must be something in the chain that is losing a lot of power! Now I cant notice parts that are heating up more than they should, any tips?

My multimeter is decent and made no calculation mistakes.

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  7. Btw is it possible to make a current protection with the or do I need a more complicated driver? Bring the primary turns down from 2 x 7 turns to 2 x 4 turns or 2 x 5 turns. With a primary current of A, use 3 x SWG 26 wires in parallel. Use ultrafast diodes at the output. What are the specifications for BUY27? I regularly use UF diodes.

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    Just take a look at the reverse recovery time in the datasheet! Reduce the output capacitance to about uF. Try with these changes and let me know the result. If you can use that many, 72 or even 65, there's no harm. It's even better due to lower winding resistance. But about x 26 SWG should be more than enough. Of course, the actual capacity will depend on the specific wire itself, due to its properties such as insulating material, etc.

    So, oversizing may actually be a good idea if you have space. For frequencies less than about kHz, I don't think you really need to worry about skin effect for SWG 26 wire. The given connection with pin 1 connected to output via the resistors provides feedback. Please go through the article thoroughly and you can understand the feedback implementation. You can avoid connecting pin 1 as shown if you choose not to use feedback. The thickness of the primary and secondary wires are selected depending on the current through them. Use multiple thin wires in parallel - don't use wires that are too thick.

    Google 'wire skin effect' and read about it to know more about this. Take a look on this page: The links given on the above mentioned page are: Regards, Tahmid. You can use the analog method as you described. But better would be to use a microcontroller to generate the SPWM signals. Take a look at these: Hope this helps! I can't give you any complete circuit, but go through these: Hope this helps! Anonymous hello Tahmid keep the good work going. Ihave a problem with a modified sine wave inverter i built.

    Its running at 60hz on the output when ever i plug appliances in it like tv radio fridge lights etc the frequency at the output remains at 60hz but when i plug a fan into it I see my meter showing frequency change like hz and it is not stable if I use one leg of my meter and touch one leg of the ac out it reads 60hz but accross two legs I see an increase but this only happens with a fan pluged in. Please help me here. This reduces conduction power losses. Hope this helps.


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    Thanku Tahmid. But this concept is work practically. This is just a academic project.

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    We are the manufacturing Company. In large volumes this design is not correct choice. Can you please tell me that how much efficient this design. Is there any practicale issues with design. I saw some where else Bubba Oscillator is not efficient. And this having max current capacity of mA only.