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AppCleaner is a very simple app, and considering what it does it ought to be. With one more click, the app and its files are gone.

Remove & Uninstall App Files

Same goes for Dashboard widgets and a few other items, such as browser and audio plugins. All of this is really easy to do and it works very well. It also has a really neat feature called SmartDelete that watches your trash to see if you delete new apps.

As far as uninstalling apps goes, they all do a good job. Some of the competition has good, compelling features—which may be important to you—so read on for some other options if you want slightly more than AppCleaner can offer and are willing to pay for it. AppCleaner is still a really nice-looking program, but AppZapper just did a little more in that department.

6 best app uninstallers for Mac (12222)

The only condition for you to meet to uninstall programs from your Mac is that your account — the one you use to log in to your Mac — needs to have admin rights. You are good to go! With that out of the way, here is how you remove apps from your Mac. Mac applications come in self-contained packages. All app files are usually located within a single folder hidden behind a dedicated icon in the Applications folder on your Mac.

That is it. Empty Trash and the app is forever deleted off your system. There is one more way to remove apps, which you have downloaded off App Store. To get rid of an app, open up Launchpad, then click-and-hold any app until all icons start jiggling. Fully uninstall applications and effortlessly maintain your system clean with a single app.

A powerful cleanup tool built to track down and help erase leftover application data that clutters your system. Let the assistant take care of keeping your Mac clean. Receive clean-up reminders only when your system needs it.

App Cleaner & Uninstaller for Mac - Overview

Discover tools that provide the quickest way to manage duplicate files and remove rarely used applications. While removing apps takes almost no effort at all, it is important to know that in most cases you are not removing the entire app from your Mac. In reality, many files are getting left behind.

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These files store user data, preferred settings, etc. On one hand, such application fragments do not take up much space or harm your system yet. On the other hand though, why would anyone want to keep something they are never going to use again?


Geek Uninstaller - the best FREE uninstaller

These remaining application files can be removed manually if you have extra time at hand, but are best delete using Apple cleaning software to save time and prevent unintenional mistakes. Uninstalling built-in applications that you do not use may seem very tempting at times, especially if you like to keep things tidy and on-point on your Apple computer.

However, it is altogether not worth it. Take the built-in Chess app for example. You may not be a chess person, so removing it may seem like a logical thing to do. Safari links with iTunes and App Store for example. Calendar and Mail apps have some kind of connection too.

Best Mac Uninstaller Apps 12222

Regardless, system apps take hardly any space — the Chess app is only 8. If you are looking to delete something to get more space, consider removing GarageBand Sound Library if you do not use it of course , which takes a ton of space. Exceptions happen to almost all kinds of rules — some apps do not follow the usual easy pattern of uninstallation. For instance, security and anti-virus programs, device sync software, apps from Adobe and Microsoft may install components beyond their dedicated folder.

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