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This is an acceptable limitation at the time of writing. If you are an early adopter of El Capitan, you are on your own. Download the latest version of the Pepakura Designer app here. You can use it for free with the above limitations as long as you like. Run the Wineskin Winery program and you will be presented with the panel to create a wrapper for your PC program. Add an engine by clicking on the plus button. The one used in this demo was WS9Wine1.

Name your wrapper. Click OK. The busy sign will flash for a while. This goes for everything to do with Wineskin. It takes TIME.

A Little Wine with That?

Just wait. If this is the case, wait a few moments and try again. The first time you run the app, it will open the install panel. Choose the setup executable from where you left it before. You will be asked to Agree on the license, so do that. You will then be asked to choose a destination for the software. Go with the default. Watch the progress bar as the software installs. When prompted, remember to uncheck the checkbox for creating a shortcut on the desktop. You have no Windows desktop.

Running Pepakura Designer on a Mac to Make Papercraft

This is normal. Just click OK, and the program will continue as normal. The real strength of Pepakura designer is that you can load any 3D file, and it will not only load it for viewing but enable you to click the Unfold button on the menu to calculate how to unfold it into a single sheet of paper. Obviously, the lower the polygon count, the better. You can load a model into Pepakura, but it might not be physically makable as a paper model if there are 16 million polygons … hundreds, maybe, but tens definitely.

There are so many software's in the market through which you can do this.

Pepakura Substitute for Mac?

These software's are also available on many of the software website and you can download from there as well. First you download this UNiversal Document Converter from the above mentioned link. Now install its setup and try to open your PDO file in this. When you select the above option, you documents has been start converted into Pdf format.

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Once your file is converted into your pdf file format, then you can modify the changes and save it as PDF file. Its done now and hope you will not face any problem. You can further refer this youtube video as well: Well dear it is very easy to convert pdo files to pdf file. There are so many softwares available for this purpose. You can download udc universal document converter software. After downloading this software you should install it and now open the pdo file in udc and click the tool option and click the pdf convert option now see your file is converted to pdf.

Hello friends.. Download a program call Universal Document converter.. Open your pdo file in paperkura viewer.. Now convert the file pdo to pdf.. Save as Pdf.. Thank you and all the best Hello friend There are lot of third party applications which can convert. Hope you can get rid of this Download and install universal document converter. Open the PDO file in that converter. Click toolbar option. Choose universal document printer option. Click above option.

How to run Pepakura on a Mac

Finally save it. Thank you! Join Date Jan Location guntur Posts If you don't know how to do implement the below instructions. Turn on the mac system first. Now download and install the universal file converter application in your mac. After installing open the application and tap the new task. This was occurring because the path that Wineskin was using to launch the application was not pointing to the appropriate executable.

If you are having this issue, keep reading or keep reading anyway as this may fix your issue regardless. Now you will see the contents of the Wineskin package. One of the items will be labeled Wineskin. Open the Wineskin app that is inside the package and a window will appear that gives you four options at least in my version. In my case, the appropriate path is: You can try copy and pasting the path listed above but the bottom line is you need the executable path to point to the pepakura4.

Anyway, there is no save option or whatnot once you make your changes in the Advanced window. Simply close it out and re-attempt to open your Pepakura Wineskin package. Skip to content. Is this article useful?

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  • Any help, please? Edit that: I have the same problem as Ivan, I basically have to run the install every time. Same issue as Ivan and Terry. Any solution to this? Thanks, Rob. D thanks for reaching out and for your great questions. For those having installation issues whereby the first time Pepakura runs it gives the error listed above but otherwise appears to function ok but the second time you attempt to open it things go a bit haywire, keep reading: Hopefully this works as well for you as it did for me.

    There is now a native solution on Mac OSX to build papercrafts from 3d models: DunreebCutout https: Post navigation Previous story.