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So, in this situation, Windows will automatically assign an IP address to itself starting with So usually, the issue resides on your Router or Wireless Access Point side.

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In some cases, the cause of this issue has also been attributed to Windows itself. In this guide, i will walk you through various methods to fix the issue. Follow each method in the listed order, until the issue is resolved.

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A power cycle will do a soft reset, terminate and re-initiate all connections to devices connected to the Router. Power up your computer and now check if the proper IP Address is assigned. BUT there is no harm in following the other Methods below as well. Check if the IP is gone.

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Yes it works fine on other wifi networks. There is no change to that iphone settings, and a hard reset was performed on the Y Sorry, missed the other bit re restriction. There is no restriction on the router, in fact the other iphone, a 6S, works and connects fine. Ant View public profile Send private message Find more posts View all thanked posts. As already suggested a Its not usual for the DHCP server to 'assign' the Although I am unsure how the Y is actually talking to the iPhone 6 and reporting its IP address when it has a address.

I know it sounds obvious but have you tried rebooting the iPhone? Usually, the most obvious is the one that is forgotten about I will try that later when my wife gets back with it! Likewise, I have no idea how the router is showing the iphone 6 as connected although not joining and displaying a address.

Hi, I tried rebooting the iphone 6, but still get the number in the router list of connected devices Try 'forgetting' that particular network and then scan for it again. Users saying Thanks 2. Thanks, I have repeatedly tried that.

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I'd double-check the router settings. Is there any way the phone could be trying to get an IP address that has already been assigned? Do you have MAC filtering enabled? Has the local gateway been manually set? Are you putting in the correct password for your wifi after forgetting it i. Also check in the router that no other devices are using up your pool of IP addresses. As an aside how can the router see the phone as Hi The range It can be a self assigned number when all else fails as mentioned above. The lower ranges of are for South Africa, and probably not relevant. Sorry that this is nothing new, just re-inforceing the advice given by othes.

How would I know the phone is trying to get an already assigned IP address? There are available on the router settings, and only ever 5 when it works devices connected. Would MAC filtering make a difference The state of play with this problem today is that my laptop and chromebook connect ok and display IP addresses in the list of "connected devices" in the router home page. Both Iphones now fail to join although each phone shows the router network in the available networks but show addresses in the list of "connected devices" in the router home page.

Both iphones and the router have been reset, purged of old settings etc and switched back on, with no difference. Thinking that the problem may be confined to Apple, I switched on my Apple TV and it connects to the router ok and shows a address in the list of "connected devices" in the router home page.

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Moving on I had a thought that the issue may be down to iPhones and this problem started following the IOS 10 update, however, whilst I have updated my iPhone 6S, my wife has not updated her iPhone 6. Stumped big time!! Sorry, thread closed. These IP addresses are only useful on local networks, not the internet. Without communication between your computer and the DHCP server, and as long as your computer has a IP address, it won't be able to connect to the internet.

That's why the fix for this problem involves making sure that your computer and the DHCP server are able to communicate. When that happens, the problem will basically fix itself. To fix an error where your computer has an invalid IP address that starts with , you need to make it so that the networking device in your computer is able to communicate with your network hardware. Depending on the exact reason that you're experiencing this error, you may be able to accomplish this by resetting your network hardware, telling the networking device in your computer to request a new IP address, or even changing some settings in your router.

The easiest fix for this type of problem is to simply power cycle your network hardware , so that's the best place to start. This process basically reboots your network hardware, including your modem and your router, by turning them off and unplugging them. When your network hardware starts back up, and your computer attempts to reconnect to the network, it may be able to obtain a valid IP address.

You need to unplug them even if they have power switches. Some modems and routers maintain a lower power standby state even when shut off, so they need to be unplugged from power for the reset to occur. Wait for the amount of time specified by the manufacturer of your modem and router. In most cases, this will be less than one minute. If your computer still has an IP address in the If it still doesn't work, proceed to the next section.

Windows has a built-in troubleshooter that's able to fix a lot of networking problems.

Resolving a 169 IP Address

This feature is available in Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7, and it's accessed through the same method in all three versions. Right-click the network icon found in the system tray of your taskbar, and click Troubleshoot problems. The icon will look like a monitor with a network cable next to it if you're using an ethernet connection, and it will look like a Wi-Fi symbol if you're using a wireless connection.


How To Fix Common Connection Wi-Fi Issue: Self-assigned IP on MacBook

If the troubleshooter is able to fix your problem, you will receive a message to that effect. Click Close , and you should be connected to the internet. If the troubleshooter isn't able to fix your problem, it will either say no problems found , or tell you what the problem is and that it wasn't able to fix it. In that case, proceed to the next section. With the Command Prompt open, type netsh winsock reset , and then press enter.

Wait for the command to finish running, then type netsh int ip reset. Check to see if your internet connection works.