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So we will be looking at their similarities and peculiarities. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let us look at the different types of foundations available today. It is not just liquid, powder and mousse anymore.

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Foundations differ in forms: liquid, cream-based, pressed powder, mineral powder, cushion type makeup foundation, airbrush makeup foundation, and serum makeup foundation. Liquid foundation is the most popular of all foundations, as a result of its ease of use. It also gives the best kind of coverage and evens skin tone.

Foundation shade match

Cream-based foundation is used by people with dry skin or during winter due to its moisturizing properties. It also gives a moderate shine and a good finish as well. Mineral Powder foundation encompasses both pressed and loose forms. It is usually used by people who have sensitive skin because of its mineral components and gentleness on skin.

Foundation shade match

Cushion Makeup foundation is a liquid foundation that comes in a compact case. It can also be easily carried around and it is very easy to use. Airbrush Makeup foundation is a type of foundation that is sprayed on the face with the aid of an airbrush. However, It is majorly used by makeup experts. Serum Makeup foundation is a type of foundation that blends easily into the skin. Regarding their differences, the Revlon Colorstay lasts longer than the Pro Longwear. With the former, you are guaranteed a hour-no-smear makeup while with the latter, you are guaranteed a hour-no-smear makeup.

For coverage, the Pro Longwear gives medium to full coverage, while the Colorstay foundation gives medium coverage. Therefore, it is suitable for any skin type. Pleasee Help Meee? When you go to get the foundation, have a look at the colors available. Pick the one that best matches Im sand beige in Revlon Colorstay foundation, what color would I be for Mac foundation? Im Sand beige in Revlon colorstay foundation.

The next one up is nude, that is too dark for me, and orangey. Which color would I be in Mac foundations?

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  • What shade am i in revlon colorstay foundation? You silly girls and these questions! Ugh,what is so hard about going to the drugstore and selecting Any suggest's about what color would be best for me in the revlon foundation? If you have tan skin get like the natural It is very hard for me to get out the house to test the shades so I was just wondering if someone I use the color golden caramel..

    Does the foundation pump sold at mac fit on the revlon colorstay foundation?

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    I checked that question in online beauty blogs. I was thinking of buying the Revlon colorstay foundation but was wondering if there are ingredients in it that can break me out, i have oily combination skin. Thank you, Arielle I go crazy with foundation swatches ; If your skin is sensitive, I completely recommend the Colorstay Whipped Creme; it's my favorite drugstore discovery in years! Take care and have a wonderful week Thank you so much for doing this review!

    I am going to purchase the colorstay whipped foundation as I have a wedding to attend soon. Hello Mademoiselle Michael, It was my pleasure This post was my way of making all those jars and bottles useful for more than just me. I am so glad that it was helpful for you I wish you the best in selecting your Colorstay Whipped!!

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    Thanks for your words Well, I'm a bit gun-shy for I've been burned with drugstore foundations before Hi She's Chic! I completely understand your hesitance in slathering a drugstore foundation all over your face, especially if you've had problems in the past. I can assure, I haven't had a single negative reaction to the Revlon Whipped Creme and I've used it for months! I hope you find a perfect match How serendipitous--I purchased my new 'winter' Colorstay Whipped foundation today!

    Great post! Hello WQ, Perfect timing, no?! I am thrilled that you picked up your winter CSW shade Have a lovely week Dear Beauty Professor: First, I think you are absolutely gorgeous Second, as a young professional, I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to the whipped foundation through your blog. I'm thrilled to have discovered this foundation. I had previously purchased an expensive foundation from sephora praying that it would provide flawless coverage. It did the opposite. After reading your review last year of this product, I decided to give it a try and I'm so happy with the results.

    I have recommended your blog to many of my friends. Keep up the great reviews. Hello Anon, Wow I am so happy that you found your way to my blog and that the Revlon Whipped flawlessly works for you! The finish is on par with nearly every high end foundation I've tried and the lasting power is unprecedented; I am sure it is gorgeous on you!!

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    Mac Mineralize Moisture SPF 15 Foundation Nc25

    Thank you for recommending my blog to your friends I love Revlon Whipped! You are absolutely correct, it's great all day and it covers flawlessly! You did a wonderful job with the swatches showing them in outdoor and indoor lighting. Great review, thanks! Hello Helen, Fantastic!

    Happy to share in our mutual love of Revlon CS Whipped I'm even wearing it today! Thanks for your sweet words about my swatches and reviews; lighting is everything, no?! Thank you for this!! I have the classic Colourstay in Warm Golden, and whilst I love its lasting power and its coverage, I do find it a tad too dark on my skin -- like you said, it's almost orange.

    My current product