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Most major device formats are supported in Toast Titanium for Mac making it easy to import and export from a wide range of formats:. This is a problem if you want to export from video editing software such as Final Cut Pro to ProRes as Toast can only burn using the. If you want to clone home movies such as wedding DVDs or holiday films, you can easily do so in Toast Titanium for Mac:. You can either do it via the Data tab in the main menu or drag and drop files into Toast to backup. You can also choose to create Photo Discs that automatically generate a slideshow as soon as you put them in DVD drive.

One nice added touch is that you can add a password to your DVD backups so that no one can read the contents without the password. Finally, one other useful feature is DVD recovery. One handy feature is that even if the file is too big to fit on one DVD, Toast Burn supports multi-disc spanning which means it will burn the data across multiple discs.

It also supports encryption and compression of data before burning. In addition, burning is quite awkward — you have to click several times before you get anywhere near burning the disc.

It can also convert videos into different formats. Burn is easy to use, creates hybrid discs which can be read on both Windows PCs and Macs, and burns pretty much anything. However, Burn for Mac is definitely not a complete replacement for Nero. Unfortunately, it seems development of Burn has gone very quiet in recent years and although it officially works on OS X SimplyBurns claims to work on OS X You can burn hybrid discs — i. This is particularly the case with cheap or free DVD burning software for Mac because they often tend to fail to execute the burning process quickly or successfully.

In addition, the development of most free DVD software for Mac has been abandoned meaning they do not work with the latest versions of OS X. DVD burner software in general is actually pretty complex stuff and the problem is that if a DVD disc fails to burn first time which is very common with free DVD burning software it can be ruined and un-writable meaning you end up wasting not only DVDs bit valuable time too. We therefore strongly recommend paying for the best DVD burning software for Mac you can afford as it will definitely save you a lot of time and stress in the long run.

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However, you can still purchase an external Apple SuperDrive to connect to your Mac:. If you have any other questions, problems or issues with burning software on Mac, let us know in the comments below. Great info on the DVD burning softwares. Is the Roxio Toast Titanium a bit or bit program? This is also the fastest Mac DVD copy software we reviewed.

It takes about 40 minutes to make an exact copy of a commercial disc. When we compressed the copy, it took about 45 minutes. You will need an external DVD burner if you want to use this software on a newer Mac, since they no longer come with an internal optical drive. Every program we reviewed can make a perfect copy of a DVD.

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However, several contain the ability to compress a movie found on a commercial DVD-9 onto the smaller-capacity blank DVD This necessarily reduces the quality of the original movie. Additionally, this DVD copy software is very easy to use. Like its name suggests, you can start the copy process in as little as one click. The interface is one of the simplest of all the programs we reviewed.

Such as the ability to customize new discs as well saving a disc image or TS folder to your hard drive. All its features and tools are available from the main window of the interface. Anyone can use this software to its fullest potential, even those with limited computer skills. This simplicity does come with some tradeoffs. Additionally, the quality of compressed copies leaves much to be desired.

Why Trust Us? We have reviewed this category for 15 years. In that time our reviewers and video experts have spent hundreds of man hours copying discs, customizing content, watching newly burned discs, and comparing results with other copies from other programs and with the original.

How We Tested During our evaluation of DVD copy software, we subjected each product on our lineup to a series of tests. We made at least two new copies of our test disc with each program we reviewed, one compressed and one uncompressed. Our video experts then examined each copy and compared it against the original, searching for quality loss such as compression artifact, pixelation and distortion. We found that all the products on our list can make an identical copy of a DVD if they are uncompressed and burned onto a blank DVD There were no exceptions to this.

If you want a perfect copy of a DVD movie, bonus features and all, you can choose any of the products in our lineup to get it. However, when we evaluated the quality of compressed discs, we found wide variations among the software. They all had noticeable quality loss, but some were much worse than others.

Our video experts compared the compressed discs against each other and the original disc, and gave each program a letter grade A-F depending on the quality of the video. When we tested the DVD copy programs, we timed how long each took to complete a full copy of our test disc, both compressed and uncompressed. These copies had everything contained on the disc, including a full-length feature film, menus, audio tracks and all other bonus features. We found that the average time to make an exact copy of our test disc to a blank DVD-9 is a little less than an hour.

Some products take as little 40 minutes on the low end and nearly an hour and a half on the high end. If you have a single disc you want to copy, these variations don't matter much. However, if you have a large DVD library you want to back up, even a few minutes can make a huge difference in the time you must dedicate to the task. Making a compressed copy takes considerably less time than an uncompressed copy. With one exception, the products in our lineup took about half an hour to compress the contents on our test disc and burn them onto a DVD Many of the programs in our lineup have very similar interfaces.

We evaluated how easy it is to access and use the common features of each product. We documented how many clicks it takes to begin a conversion, load an ISO file and access each application's customization tools. We also tracked how many times the programs crashed during testing and how many unusable discs they created.

There are a few things you should understand and features you should look for when shopping for the best DVD copy software. These files are essentially the blueprints for a disc. They contain everything a DVD drive needs to recognize and play a disc on a computer or a television. DVD copy software scans this file, copies it onto your hard drive and then burns it onto a new disc. This creates an exact copy of the original disc, complete with the movie, menus, audio tracks and bonus materials.

Before a DVD copy program can make a new disc, it must bypass the copy encryptions found on almost all DVDs sold by major entertainment companies. These protections are intended to stop illegal piracy. The best DVD copy software circumvents these encryptions so you can back up, archive and make personal copies of the movies and TV shows you've already paid for.

Burn MP4 to DVD with the Best DVD Authoring Software for Mac

Keep in mind that if you compress your DVD copy, you'll notice significant quality loss on the new disc. This is the nature of video compression, and even the best DVD copy software can't get around it. This includes pixelation, compression artifact and motion blur. If you want an exact copy of a disc, you should purchase and use the more expensive blank DVD-9s, which will yield a copy with no quality loss whatsoever. An alternative to compressing your DVD movies onto smaller discs is to create custom copies that require little to no compression. Most of the DVD copiers in our review allow you to copy just the main feature on a disc and leave off extras like menus, alternate audio tracks and bonus materials.

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In most cases, the main feature from a commercial disc will fit onto a DVD-5 with no compression. The best DVD copy software allows you to pick which tracks and content make it onto your new disc. One other way to avoid quality loss due to compression is to split the content from a DVD-9 onto two DVD-5s, with the main feature on one disc and everything else on the other.

The best products in our lineup have this feature among their main tools. If you're using these programs for archiving purposes or have a large DVD library, this is a must-have tool. These files act the exact same way as physical discs. You can play them through DVD player software and even burn new copies without the original disc on hand. You'll never have to worry about a disc being lost, damaged or broken, because you'll always have that backup ISO file to make a new copy.

The best DVD copy programs allow you to load an ISO into the interface and burn a new copy the same way you would if you had the original disc.