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How to write and execute a simple Python script on Mac OS X, for complete beginners | Liberian Geek

QuSpin is currently being supported for Python 2 and Python 3 which are a prerequisite. We recommend the use of the free package manager Anaconda which installs Python and manages its packages. For a lighter installation preferred for computing clusters , one can use miniconda. For the manual installation you must have all the prerequisite python packages: numpy , scipy , joblib , six , dill , gmpy2 , numba , llvm-openmp [osx omp version only] installed.

For Windows machines one needs the correct version of the Microsoft Visual Studios compiler for the given python version one is building the package for. A good resource which can help with this can be found here.

With Terminal

For OS-X and Linux the standard compilers should be fine for building the package. Note that some of the compiled extensions require Openmp 2. When installing the package manually, if you add the flag —record install.

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This is useful as most package managers will not be able to remove manually installed packages and so in order to delete this package completely one needs to manually remove all the files. To do this, open up the terminal and go to the folder containing the downloaded installation file and execute the following command:.

How to run Python Scripts in Terminal on MacOS and Linux

You will be prompted to enter your password. Follow the prompts of the installation. We recommend that you allow the installer to prepend the installation directory to your PATH variable which will make sure this installation of Python will be called when executing a Python script in the terminal.

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If this is not done then you will have to do this manually in your bash profile file:. If asked to install new packages just say yes.

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  • Run a Python script in Mac OS X Terminal.

To keep the code up-to-date, just run this command regularly. If you would like to go back to the single-threaded i. Installing the package manually is not recommended unless the above method failed. You need to go a different route for MacOS; you need to first open up a new terminal window using the Terminal application and then tell it to run python and your script.

  1. Your First Steps with Python: Part II — Four Ways to Run your Code;
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  3. You need a Python interpreter to execute Python code.
  4. First, we create a shell script which, when when executed, does what I outlined above; open up a new terminal window using the Terminal application, then get it to do something. Make sure that you make it executable as well via chmod or however you do that sort of thing using Finder, or things will not work. As mentioned above, this tells the Terminal application to create a new tab window and then uses the rest of the command line arguments as the thing that it tries to execute.

    Next, a slightly modified version of the plugin code, which you can save as a python file in your User package:. Lastly, you just need the key binding; I used this combination, modified from the example to only trigger for a python file, since the plugin is set to only ever run python.