Dummies mac os x lion

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Mac OS X Lion For Dummies

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Mottakers e-postadresse:. Din e-postadresse:. But in a nutshell, this book will not be my primary reference on OS X Lion.

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I am still looking for that book. I gave it one star because of the image quality issues. At the minimum, I expect an author to be proud of their work.

I don't know how you could be proud of a work where some of the images were not even remotely readable. How did that get through the quality control process? Here are a few of the specific issues I encountered. The text tells you to look at an image, but the resolution is so low, it's difficult to see any detail. Some of the screen shots are just black. For example, look at the image on page The text tells you: "As soon as you begin playing with the DVD Player controls, you'll notice activity in the Viewer window, as shown in Figure What activity is the author referring too?

Unique problem?

Mac OS X Lion User Guide - Business Insider

No, check out the image on pages , - poor contrast makes the image mostly unreadable. The image of patterns iTunes can display on Page shows two large white dots It shows nothing of interest at all. How did that get through the quality control review? No color because the book is black and white trying to demonstrate an interface that uses color as an important interface characteristic. Sure, making the images colored would add cost.

But the Mac OS X interface uses color as part of the interface encoding. I would prefer a smaller book where ALL of the images were colored and at a sufficient resolution so they can be read. Images that can't be read should NOT have made it through the quality control review. The book tries to address multiple kinds of users. However, the needs and wants of someone new to OS X will be different than the needs and wants of people that are using previous versions of OS X.

In fact, the author points out that the book is really eight books in one.

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