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Moreover, the mission game is quite hard but it is more thrilling and exciting as well as the side missions. I am also impressed with its storyline, it is very striking.

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This was one of the most successful installments of the franchise for PS2, Xbox and PC, since it allowed the customization of your own character the way you want, not only his clothes but also the physical appearance. They have improved almost every aspect of the game, even the sound aspect.

The variety of vehicles and the good gameplay of the IV version make GTA IV San Andreas a good mod to install to your main game Enjoy the free, open world experience with GTA, now set in San Andreas with the same essence as the classic sandbox game released in many platforms. I will use this very nice GTA IV San Andreas to have an entertainment for myself specially in my vacant time, after all the school works, projects and household choirs. Study or anything else, that i would want to use it for, why are you asking such silly question, i do not even know why am i downloading this Once you download and start playing this mod you will be able to become in "CJ", Carl Johnson, to investigate the murder of his mother.

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One of the fantastic things of this exciting game is the freedom with which you can move around the map. Due to the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine used in this fourth release, all graphics and sounds have been raised to new levels of realism that improve you experience when playing.

For further information you can visit the official website. How to play this game mod for PC. Once you download this mod, start playing is not so complicated.

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This installment gives the possibility of choosing the way you want to play. You can follow the storyline or complete the side missions, take a walk through the map, play the minigames or simply interact with the city. On the other hand, there is an important rivalry among the different gangs of the game. Each territory belongs to a gang and you will have to face them in some parts of the storyline. The gameplay places at your disposal a great variety of weapons and vehicles to defend yourself but also to attack your enemies.

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If you like this kind of games, you may be interested in the latest installment of the Assassin's Creed Saga. It has a similar gameplay but with lots of additional action. System requirements.

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2. Home Downloads Blog User Reviews. The game is set in the fictional city named Vice City situated in Miami and follow the story of Tommy Vercetti after he released form jail. The players play the game from a third person perspective and take the control of the main character Tommy Vercetti who is a criminal.

Vice City is ruled by another gang which is supported by powerful politicians.

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Tommy only have the choice to fight against these powerful criminals and politicians and rule the city by himself. Players guide Tommy through his missions and different set objectives and progress through the game story. Many missions can be completed at the same time.


The players are also free to explore and travel through the game world. In addition the map features two main island with many small cities and areas. After finishing each of the area in the city the player take full control of it. Furthermore, these islands unlocks only if the player progress through the story. During the game players can run, jump, swim and use vehicles to travel through the world.