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The fonts were developed by Maxim Iorsh at the Technion from Nachlieli-Light is also here.

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Designer of these Hebrew typefaces in Download here or here. Dalton Maag [Bruno Maag]. Swiss designer Bruno Maag b. He serves the corporate market with innovative type designs, but also has a retail font line. Ex-Monotype designer Ron Carpenter designs type for the foundry. In the past, type designers Veronika Burian worked for Dalton Maag. A graduate of the Basel School of Design, who worked at Stempel and was invitedd by Rene Kerfante to Join Monotype to start up a custom type department.

After that, he set up Dalton Maag with his wife Liz Dalton. The Dalton Maag team designed these commercial fonts: Airbnb Cereal A sans typeface commissioned by Airbnb. Dalton Maag describes it as playful, open and simple.

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Aktiv Grotesk Published as an alternative to Helvetica, a typeface Bruno hates with a passion. It also covers Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Aller Typo. Blenny A fat face didone by Spike Spondike. Bligh A three-weight sans family. Co Dedica Effra and Effra Italic Followed in by Effra Corp. Elevon By Bruno Maag and Marconi Lima.

Fargo A sans family. Grueber InterFace See also InterFace Corporate Kings Caslon By Marc Weymann and Ron Carpenter. Lexia , Ron Carpenter and Dalton Maag: In , Dalton Maag added Lexia Mono. Magpie A serifed family by Vincent Connare for Dalton Maag. A rounded organic sans typeface. Pan A text family at US dollars per style. Plume An organic stressed sans. Scope One A free Google Font. It has a single light weight, whose slab serifs make it useful for headlines. Setimo By Fernando Caro. A distinguished sans. Soleto won an award at Tipos Latinos Sparkasse Serif A custom typeface.

Stroudley Tephra This is an experimental multi-layered LED-inspired family. Tondo , at Dalton Maag: Tornac A casual script. Ubuntu This font supports the Indian rupee symbol. Download via Fontspace. Verveine A casual script by Luce Averous. A simple sans family co-designed by Bruno Maag and Ron Carpenter in This tapered terminal sans family includes Viato Corp and Viato Hebrew At the ATypI in in Copenhagen, he stunned the audience by announcing that he would never again make fonts for the general public. From now on, he would just do custom fonts out of his office in London.

Other custom typefaces: His custom Vodafone family sans is based on InterFace. The Nokia Pure typeface has rounder letters , and is simultaneously more legible and more rhythmic. In , the Dalton Maag team consisted of Bruno Maag and David Marshall as managing and operations directors, and Vincent Connare as production manager. In , Kindle picked the custom serif font Bookerly by Dalton Maag for their typeface. Free download of both Amazon Ember and Bookerly.

ATT Aleck is a large custom typeface family designed in Netflix Sans Netflix replaced Gotham to combat spiraling licensing costs and commissioned its own bespoke typeface: Netflix Sans under design lead Noah Nathan. Comments by designers at The Daily Orange. Venn , Bruno Maag. A 5 weight 5 width corporate branding sans typeface, with an option to get Venn Variable.

Interview in in which he stresses that typefaces should above all be functional. View the Dalton Maag typeface library. Speaker at ATypI in Warsaw. Graphic designer who graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, class of , who is now based in Netanya, Israel. Haplakat is a modern Hebrew typeface designed by him.

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Dan Tel Vardi. Tel Aviv-based designer. Creator of this Hebrew sans face His Hebrew typeface Susim won an award at Granshan At Haaretz , we read: As can be seen in the road signs for Arab communities, to mention just one example, in Israel the Arabic language has been marginalized at the expense of Hebrew.

This is further emphasized by the contrast between the square and aggressive Hebrew typefaces of official Israel and the softer and more rounded letters of typical Arabic typefaces, a difference that in fact reflects the balance of powers between the country's Jewish and Arab communities. To achieve visual coordination, equal visibility and presence and peaceful coexistence between these two languages that share a same space while taking a small step for peace, Grumer created Avraham-Ibrahim as his final project as a visual communications major at Jerusalem's Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Grumer, who learned Arabic in the army, got help over the Internet from a Jordanian calligraphy designer of Syrian descent.

He found another source of inspiration for his typeface in the Hebrew signs written by Arab merchants that "simply make the Hebrew language dance and liberate it from the geometric pressure," he says. In , he fine-tuned Peter Bilak's November Hebrew: November is a rational, utilitarian typeface inspired by street signage. Unlike most signage types it also handles long texts with ease. It covers Hebrew script, but also Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek and Latin, and is accompanied by a set of wayfinding symbols.

Daniel designed the Condensed and Compressed styles. Designer at the Open Font Library of Triad Postnaya , an old Church Slavonic typeface and its Latin simulation twin , Stanislav Caps , Pacaya , a medium-weight sans , Jura , in the style of Eurostile , Didact Gothic , a simple and readable sans i in the form most often used in elementary classrooms , Judson , designed for African literacy , Megrim , a monoline drawing table sans , Aguardiente , heavy sans , Deka , a monospace font designed for very small display sizes , Rahel , Hebrew , Sacco-Vanzetti , sans , Travelogue , Grana Padano , Pfennig , an extensive humanist sans family and Jura , sans family with support for Burmese, Cyrillic and Greek.

Johnson explains: Jura is a family of sans-serif fonts in the Eurostile vein. Kayah Li is a language used by a minority people group in Burma.

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Because the Burmese government suppresses the teaching of minority scripts, the Kayah Li script is taught only in schools in refugee camps in Thailand. I wanted to create a Roman alphabet using the same kinds of strokes and curves as the Kayah Li glyphs, and thus Jura was born. Triod Postnaja attempts to mimic the typefaces used to publish Old Church Slavonic service books prior to the 20th century. It also provides a range of Latin letters in the same style. He contributed to the GNU Freefont project. In particular, he created by hand a Cherokee range specially for FreeFont to be "in line with the classic Cherokee typefaces used in 19th century printing", but also to fit well with ranges previously in FreeFont.

His GNU Freefont ranges: Fontsquirrel link. Google Plus link. Daniel Levy. Ramat, Israel-based type designer. Free fonts at his site: London-based illustrator and graphic designer. Graphic designer in Tel Aviv, who created the Hebrew typeface Paam in Tel Aviv-based designer of the Hebrew paleontological typeface Buga Buga and the experimental Molecular Font David Ben-Gurion. David Haliva. David Hamuel [Lighthouse].

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David Kahn. David Kedem. In , he created the hand-printed typeface Dudek MF. Born in , David Rudnick is a graphic designer in the UK. He created quite a number of typefaces ca. These include: Smith, Avant garde sans: Rune simulation: Jerusalem straight-edged.

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Geometric display types: High contrast fashionable sans: F Type. Hyperzeit David Shapira. Israeli type designer, b. Bukvaraz winner in for the Hebrew font Atzmaut, designed with Yanek Iontef. Alan Rosenbaum's Chicago-based company offering commercial Hebrew fonts. Hebrew Font Gallery CD. Graduate of the Wizo design Academy.