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In OS X PseudoAnacron launches during system startup. If it discovers that the periodic scripts have run on schedule, the app quits. Version 1. PseudoAnacron is the only app I know that will automatically do this at startup. OnyX is available in separate dedicated versions ranging from OS X The Mavericks version below, and reduced more than the above images is still different, with slightly flatter icons and yet another OnyX logo.

One of my favorite OnyX features is the ability to change Dock settings. OnyX lets you anchor the Dock on the right or left instead of always centering it. I love that little touch. If you only download one utility for tinkering with your system, start with OnyX. The original version supports OS X The biggest difference between the way IceClean works compared with OnyX is that most IceClean functions are accessed via menus, as in the below example that lets you anchor the Dock.

Version 2 remains available for OS X As the name implies, in addition to the tiled launcher above, you can also access MainMenu from the OS X menubar. So would removing window shadows when taking screenshots. Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. Mar 28, 4: Jul 16, I have seen diskwarrior make drives a lot faster after running it, and even make drives not booting come back and at least let me extract files off them, or even run normally again. Drive Genuis is popular and used by Apple Genuises, however I didn't care for it after it modified some files on me once.

Page content loaded. You are the one who would be best in cleaning up their own mess. Mar 28, 8: OS X does an excellent job of keeping itself clean all by itself and all of the "Cleaner" apps available can cause more problems than they solve in the hands of the average user. Just follow Linc's advice and you should be fine. If you have a specific issue that you can't figure out, describe it in a new topic and there's a good chance that a free solution is available.

Feb 20, 6: Thread revival. There was no self cleaning, nothing going on other than what a clean install would cure. I did this through Apple Care with Apple tech support. I'm thinking that if the MacOS cleaned itself, this situation would not have developed.

I would really love to have something like Clean Up Utilities PC only for Mac which keeps my bootcamp version of Windows7 running strong. I have to say up front that I'm having difficulty following this and am uncertain where to start. I just went through a situation where my MBP after 2 major OS upgrades turned into a giant slug. Were these major OS upgrades that would have involved a lot of obsolete third party apps that needed to be upgrades or simple upgrades within the same OS X family?

Describe in detail what you mean by "Clean Install" as this terminology seems to mean different things to different people. And it does, to some extent, but without knowing exactly what issues you suffered from, I don't really know what else might have been needed.

You really made a "U-Turn" on me with this one. I thought we were talking about OS X and now you bring up bootcamp and Windows7? If this is where your problems lie, then perhaps using Clean Up Utilities which I'm totally unfamiar with in your Windows partition is exactly what you need. On the other hand, if this really does have something to do with OS X and Linc's suggestions don't help, I know of several other guidelines and mostly free utilities that might help you out if I had any idea what your "slug" problems are.

Oh, and one last thing. Thread revivals rarely work out.

They won't attract any new users that might be able to help, the problems you have would seem to be totally different from what the OP mentions and we need to hear some details on your exact issues. Strongly suggest you abandon this and start a new thread.

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Feb 20, 9: I am also leary of Onyx apps - they are NOT for the faint of heart. You could really mess up something unaware. I did that! It has some cleaning functions and they work well. It behaves very safely and won't let you delete or mess with things you shouldn't. It is also not for the faint of heart, but only has a slight learning curve which is pretty user friendly. Read all the tips and help.

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Like I said, I have had nothing but a good experience with it on both my Macs. But, to be on the safe side if you're not a "super-user" etc. Feb 20, A "super-user" would be someone who has self-taught, experience based computer knowledge and feels pretty comfortable using and changing the OS files and settings, etc.

They're not just a basic "user" of the computer, they take it further than that. However, they're not quite a computer tech.

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User profile for user: Iamawesome Iamawesome Hi everyone, Recently, there have been two OS X clean up utilities for which I've been getting ads for. They are: Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Linc Davis Linc Davis. Notebooks Speciality level out of ten: