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On such systems the Scheduler must be set up as a cron job. Save the modified crontab. Obviously the paths have to be adapted to your system. The above command will call up the Scheduler every 15 minutes. Example additional user parameter in bold :. You can use either tool to create, delete, configure, or simply display scheduled tasks.

Configuring cron jobs using the cron command

This tells the "crontab" command to open a new file inside of the nano text editor. All of your cron jobs will be placed in this text file, each on a new line. Once the nano editor has loaded, you'll type in the cron jobs like this:. Replace "[timing sequence]" with the cron job timing sequence that you've worked out in the first step. This will tell the crontab program when to run the command.

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Replace "commandToRun" with the actual command or the path to a shell script that you wish to run at the given time in the timing sequence. If you wish to enter multiple cron jobs, enter each cron on a separate line in the file. If all went well, then you should now have a cron job created for you.

If the cron was properly created, then you should see "crontab: installing new crontab". Your command or shell script will then begin running at the scheduled timing sequence.

cron - daemon to execute scheduled commands

There may come a time when you don't wish to run a cron job any longer. When that time comes, you can just edit the file by typing in the following command again:.

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You can see how many jobs are currently scheduled from inside of cron by typing the following command:. Thanks Kerberos.

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