How do you make an n with a tilde on a mac

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Repeat this process for each special character you need. Word Perfect 8. There are no default settings for international characters in WordPerfect. You only need to do this once on any given computer.

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The software will remember what you've taught it. For the easiest typing, I suggest setting up the following keystrokes this assuming that you do NOT with to install the Spanish Keyboard. When in WordPerfect, click on "Tools" and select "Settings. Notice that most of them are already assigned to some function. Don't use these. Select the keystroke you want to use see suggestions below and then click on the "Keystrokes" tab. Under "Set" select "Multinational. Click on "Insert and Close" Click on "Assign Keystrokes ot Key" Repeat this process from step 5 trough 10 until you've assigned all of the Spanish characters.

Click OK. To type an accented vowel, simply tap and lightly press on the vowel. A row of characters including the Spanish characters will pop up along with characters using other types of diacritical marks such as those of French. To type angular quotes, press on the double-quote key.

To type a long dash, press on the hyphen key.

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How to Type Spanish Accents and Letters

By using ThoughtCo, you accept our. All options can be interactively customized under M-x customize-group ns. I was able to come up with a solution to this problem that works in both situations standalone and in-terminal. Also, I have an international keyboard and I was also able to fix the problem of not being able to type special characters when running emacs in the terminal.

This snippet properly binds the left option key to "META" when running emacs as an app i. It does not bind the right option key, which can be used to type special characters:. All of the above has no effect when running emacs in a terminal. To obtain the same key bindings in the Terminal you have to:. Unfortunately, after doing this you will not be able to use the option key to type special characters in international keyboards. In particular I was missing the tilde, the backslash and the. Learn more about Teams. Ask Question.

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Typing Accents on a MAC (Spanish Keyboard Layout)

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