How to find system information on mac pro

In green, you'll see the activity from applications you launch and other processes that belong to you as the current user. If your computer's running processes claim your full processor power, the combined height of user and system bands reaches the top of the graph.

Can’t find an app on your Mac? Pinpoint it with System Information

Set the drop-down menu at the top right of the Activity Monitor interface to "My Processes" to view only those that belong to your user ID. Click on the name of a process to select it.

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Shift-click on another item in the list to select all the entries between your original selection and the second process name you select. Command-click on additional entries to add them to your selection individually. After you've made your selection, set the drop-down menu to "Selected Processes" to track only those items in the list of processes.

Can’t find an app on your Mac? Pinpoint it with System Information | Macworld

Note that the statistics at the bottom of the window continue to reflect all the processes running on your system. When the arrow on the CPU header tab points down, the list sorts in descending order with the most active processes at the top. Click on the header a second time to change the sort order.

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    In the System Information app on your Mac, do one of the following:. The report could be a few megabytes.

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    The report includes most of the hardware and network information, but leaves out most of the software information. In the System Information app on your Mac, do any of the following:. If you call Apple Support, you can assist the support technician by providing a copy of your system configuration.

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